Useful Links

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Meadowlark Yoga – www.meadowlarkyoga.com – (My choice studio when it comes to Yoga in Edinburgh)
Kat Shaw – www.kat-yoga.com ( Ashtanga Yoga in Edinburgh)
Chip and Laura – www.chipandlaura.com (Acro, Forrest and slack line yoga in the USA – Patagonia, AZ)
Shiva Rea – www.shivarea.com (Prana Flow® Yoga classes, teacher training, workshops)

Health, Diet & Wellbeing

Orkos – www.eng.orkos.com/Default_EN.aspx (tropical fruits delivered – durian, coconut, etc)
Keimling – www.keimling.eu (raw food, superfoods and snacks)
Tree Harvest – www.tree-harvest.com (raw food, superfoods, dried foods etc.)
Ooosha – www.ooosha.co.uk (Raw Culinary Artistry – classes and recipes for chocolate goodness!)
Dragon Herbs – www.dragonherbs.com – (Tonic Herbs and the best Goji Berries I’ve ever had)
Hyperion Herbs – www.hyperionherbs.com – (…more chinese tonic herbs, great YouTube Channel to explain them too!)
Essential Living Foods – www.essentiallivingfoods.com – (USA based superfood company)
Earth Circle Organics – www.earthcircleorganics.com – (USA based superfoods, great chlorella tabs!)
Fortina Chocolate – www.fortinachocolate.com – (USA based cacao ceremony and amazing cacao creations!)
Chocolatree – www.chocolatree.com – (USA – Sedona chocolate and superfoods, eatery and marketplace)
Health Force – www.healthforce.com – (USA based superfoods, great powder blends and boosters)
Coconut Secrets – www.coconutsecret.com – (My favorite sweetener)
The Kefir Shop – www.kefirshop.co.uk – (Kefir, Kombucha starters in the UK)
Big Tree Farms – www.bigtreefarms.com – ( ♥ So many great products: cacao, vanilla, palm sugar, cashews and so on…)
Aconbury Sprouts – www.wheatgrass-uk.com – (UK based – Wheatgrass, sprouts and more!)
Pyrenees Honey – www.pyreneeshoney.com – (Great resource for rare raw honey – love them :))
Ethically Essential – www.ethicallyessential.coop – (Nice price for healthy kitchen essentials, UK)
Kiki Health – www.kiki-health.co.uk – (Select superfoods – bee pollen, algae, etc – UK)
Red23 – www.red23.co.uk – (Superfoods, speciality items galore – too many to list, UK!)
Aggressive Health Shop – www.aggressivehealthshop.com – (Superfoods and more – lots for boys! UK)
Planet Organic – www.planetorganic.com – (LONDON – food shopping!)
Mountain Rose Herbs – www.mountainroseherbs.com – (Herbs wholesale – USA)
Wholistic Research Company – www.wholisticresearch.com – (Everything from home to diet for those interested in the best!)
I-Herb – www.iherb.com – (More very cheap good quality branded superfoods and supplements, USA – fastest shipping!)
Sungazing – www.solarhealing.com – (Self explanatory – this works, I’ve seen it with my own 2 eyes!)

Blenders and juicers…
Discout Juicers – www.discountjuicers.com – (Nice price, USA)
Juice Producers – www.juiceproducer.com – (Nice prices, UK)
EUJuicers – www.eujuicers.com – (Nice prices and lots of info)
Nutrifast – www.nutrifaster.com – (My dream juicer for a future juice bar dream!)
Norwalk Juicers – www.norwalkjuicers.com – (World famous juicer for serious juicers, USA)
Omega – www.omegajuicers.com – (My choice juicer, USA website)

Home/bedroom + Plants, Growing and Sprouting
Dojo Ecoshop – www.dojoeco.co.uk – (Love this place!)
House of Plants – www.houseofplants.co.uk – (Nice collection of indoor air purifying plants)
Green Fingers – www.greenfingers.com – (Nice source for rock dust for growing your own wheatgrass etc)
Organic Graden – www.organicgarden.org.uk – (Nice article on soil remineralization)
Organic Mechanics – www.organicmechanicsoil.com – (Organic gardening supplies)
U-Grow – www.u-grow.com – (Organic indoor and outdoor growing, pH meters, TDS meters)
Ocean Solutions – www.oceansolution.com – (Remineralize your soil)

Yoga Bloke – www.yogabloke.co.uk – (Yoga Clothes and accessories for the blokes!)
Frank & Faith – www.frankandfaith.com – (Bamboo/organic/ethical clothes UK made)
Gossypium – www.gossypium.co.uk – (Organic, fair trade cotton)
Vibram Five Fingers – www.vibramfivefingers.com – (run/walk barefoot for better posture, performance and health!)
prAna clothing – www.prana.com – (♥ them – no explanations needed!)
Garuda Organic Jewelry – www.woodearrings.com – (Beautiful!)

Lifestyle/Wellbeing TV and blogs
Natural News TV – www.tv.naturalnews.com – (Keep up to date with the news that really matters)
Food Renegade – www.foodrenegade.com – (Great info and ideas on everything really!)

Water & Springs
Sulis Health – www.sulis-health.co.uk – (Living Water Products: Filtration, Re-energising, Restructuring, Copper Gardening Tools, Books about water, Magnetic Therapy for pain relief & fuel economy, Protection from Electromagnetic Pollution, Herbal Treatments for serious metabolic disorders, Kombucha Tea Supplies)
CIR – www.implosionresearch.com – (water harmonizing, vortexers etc)
TDS Meter – www.tdsmeter.com – (TDS meters for testing water)
Sprite Showers – www.spritewater.com – (Shower filters USA)
The Megalithic Portal – www.megalithic.co.uk – (Very cool site all about springs in the UK)
Find a Spring – www.findaspring.com – (Find & share local/international spring sources)
The Fresh Water Filter Company – www.freshwaterfilter.com – (Water filters UK)

Massage & Bodywork
Joanne Polding – www.pentlandholistics.co.uk (holistics massage, holistic kinesiology and Reiki in Edinburgh)
Lou Johnston – www.tonichealthscotland.com (Swedish, therapeutic massage and deep tissue in Edinburgh)
Joolz Flynn – www.painrecoveryclinic.com (resolving pain and trauma using myofascial release in Edinburgh)

Colonic Hydrotherapy
‘Cleanse’ Edinburgh – www.edinburghcleanse.co.uk (highly experienced team of hydrotherapists, i’ve tried many in Edinburgh – these are the best, I would not go anywhere else)